I found out about the Uni Kurutoga ADVANCE not long after its release and was immediately intrigued. I already own the UniBall Kuru Toga which I love and have already written about it, here’s my Uni Kuru Toga Review.

I love everything about the Uni Kuru Toga so I was definitely excited to see how this new version stacked up and how the ingenious kuru toga engine has improved for this new Kurutoga ADVANCE. And it has a retractable tip!!! Mind Blown.

Uni kurutoga advance


  • Product type: Mechanical Pencil.
  • Name: Uni Kurutoga ADVANCE
  • New and improved unique rotating lead mechanism.
  • Plastic translucent grip.
  • Metal top button housing the eraser which when removed, gives you access to the lead refills.
  • Strong, sleek looking metal clip.
  • Comes with specially made leads. Softer graphite on the outside and harder on the inside aiding the rotation performance.
  • Lead size: 0.5
  • Supplied with 3 HB Uni Nano Dia leads
  • Length 143mm
  • Diametre approx 10mm
  • Eraser: Uni eraser refill size S
  • Where to buy: Amazon.com

First Impressions

My favourite and the one I’ll be keeping is the red one, it looks amazing. It’s almost identical to its older brother the Uni Kuru Toga. The barrel is completely opaque with metallic colour. I love the glossy look. The pocket clip and eraser cover are now metal and the grip section is different but still features the same clear design to show off the kuru toga engine in full flow.

kurutoga advance

I was sooo happy when the delivery guy turned up at my house with this! Embarrassingly so. I couldn’t wait to tuck in and see how it performed. The Uni Kurutoga ADVANCE comes in 6 different colours, white, blue, green, navy, red and black. The colours have no bearing on the lead thickness (which all come in at 0.5mm) just simply offering choice to suit individual tastes.


I was very excited to learn that this new mechanical pencil not only has the same brilliant kuru toga engine, which works very well I might add, but it is also retractable. I fully expect there to be some ‘wobble’ in the tip but we’ll see how it fares up with a retractable tip.


This thing looks awesome in my opinion, I love the metallic finish on the barrel and the metal clip/eraser cover. Both models look amazing and I actually thought I would prefer one over the other but I really can’t choose. Which one do you like the best? If I’m honest I’d give the edge tho the older one, I adore the all plastic, semi-transparent bare bones look, but I love the shiney highlights of the ADVANCE and the new grip section.

kurutoga advance

It is extremely comfortable to hold and use which is a massive reason I love the Uni Kuru Toga so much, the grip has been expertly designed to fit your grip, however you hold you pencil, and does not slide or move. It is surprisingly grippy.

New improved Kuru Toga Engine

This mechanical pencil was created with students who use the Uni kuru togas with concerns over the ability to write beautiful characters without having to worry about core breakages. This works with a new and improved Kurutoga engine which is supposedly faster than in the Uni Kuru Toga. The uni Kuru Toga engine had 40 teeth to rotate the lead whereas this new upgrade has 20 teeth so it turns much faster.

Also, when using a soft core such as 2B that can be written darker, you can write clearer characters thanks to the consistent point.

The mark of the automatic core rotation mechanism attached to the gear inside the grip has changed the mark design to the “W Speed ​​Engine” so that it can be easily distinguished from the “Kurtga Engine” mark found in it’s predecessor.

Since a core breaking prevention mechanism is installed, it is difficult for the core to break during writing via a slide pipe. With optimised shape and lead progression, it is possible to write without damaging the your writing flow even if the core tip does not come out. As the slide pipe slides in conjunction with the core, the tip pipe slides, so you can write continuously for a long time.


Well, I was literally dying to try this baby out. With one click out comes the lead sleeve and one more presents the lead, a very small amount of lead too but this is the point of this pencil. The designers of this mechanical pencil have really thought long and hard about how to stop lead breakages and somehow they have created this marvel of engineering.

You can have the tiniest, and I mean tiniest bit of lead sticking out form the sleeve and you are able to write at any common, comfortable angle with great ease. To look at it you wouldn’t think this would even be possible but it is.

Because the lead you need exposed is so small it could actually be confused with a pen as it looks like you’re writing with the metal sleeve.

Also, they have made a huge effort to reduce the amount of the dreaded ‘wobble’ you often find in pencils with retractable tips. The previous Kuru Toga has this issue thanks to the rotating mechanism but in the new KuruToga ADVANCE it is barely noticeable. Don’t get me wrong, there is wobble but not nearly as much. I love it!

Seriously hats off to the designers here.


  • Looks great
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Comes in 6 different colours
  • Sturdy design
  • Retractable
  • Reduced lead wobble
  • Writes very smoothly and evenly


  • Only comes in 0.5 lead size (currently, no doubt this will change)
  • Only comes in packs of 3 which you can buy on amazon here.
  • The eraser cover is solid, but needs some elbow grease to remove

Final Thoughts

Did I mention I love this pencil? I LOVE THIS PENCIL. It looks amazing, peforms seriously amazingly well and has a new improved mechanism that really show the designers and engineers listen to their users and loyal customers.

kurutoga advance

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