This one took me by surprise.

A fairly new mechanical pencil the Derwent Precision really packs a punch for a fraction of the price.

Now before I start I must also say a huge thanks to Mary from Spotlight Stationery for sending this my way to review so please check out her amazing website

As I’ve mentioned my fondness for pencils comes from my love of drawing back in the day. The main pencils I used during that time were the Derwent wooden pencils so I was already aware of the quality that would no doubt be present in what I believe to be the only mechanical pencil they make.

I’m also fairly local here in the north east of England (about 1.5 hour drive) to their manufacturing plant and museum in Cumbria… aka ‘The Birthplace of the Pencil‘ and I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never ever been! Sorry Derwent. That will change soon though. 

So why only one mechanical pencil?

This is currently the only mechanical pencil Derwent produces, which is weird no? Or so I thought at first but actually thinking about it Derwent has always created tools for artists who tend to prefer a wood cased pencil, I do when I sketch so I totally get this. 

But for many ‘technical’ drawing pros, architects for example love love love the precision you get from a finely tuned mechanical pencil. Up to now Derwent has never catered for this group and their first entry is honestly quite brilliant especially when you compare it to similar items. You’d find it difficult to find a mechanical pencil with so much quality for the price coming in at quite a lot less than what you’d expect. 

First thoughts

When I got this through the post I actually thought it looked a little mundane, quite generic looking without any standout features, this was before I removed it from its packaging , and boy was I wrong. 

Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil

It is really good looking pencil. Like really good. Sleek and simple, as a whole, to me it kind of resembles a wood cased pencil to which I can only guess this was the aim, if so… job done! The width of the barrel does not change and although it may look rounded it certainly is not. It is similar to the barrel of the Pentel p205 range with a hexagonal shape and is really comfortable to hold. 

The weight is nice and heavier than it looks. My mistake here was assuming it was a plastic barrel so I was shocked to feel not only its weight but that felt really cold. This is because it is in fact a premium full metal body. 


  • Suitable for 0.7mm leads
  • Set includes refill pack of 15 HB leads and 3 erasers
  • Slim, lightweight metal barrel
  • Place up to 5 leads in the barrel at any one time
  • Built in eraser under the push button cap
  • Retractable thin lead sleeve
  • Metal pocket clip
  • Refill leads and erasers available separately
  • Price: £6.99 from amazon


I actually think this is quite a striking mechanical pencil even though it is on the ‘simpler’ side and with the hexadecagon barrel it is extremely comfortable to hold. Sticking with the barrel there are certainly no frills with the name ‘Derwent Precision’ printed up the side in silver with the lead thickness. 

It has some nice chrome touches beautifully coupling the sleek black barrel. The push top button is as you’d expect, nothing outrageous and as usual removing the cap will reveal quite a decent eraser which again when removed is where you refill your leads. Going down the pencil the is a silver clip which is fairly thin but is stronger than it looks, it’s very straight and angular. I like it. 

The right at the bottom is the tip, nice neat triangle shape with a few hooped grooves wrapping around it. It has retractable sleeve too so it will not stab you in the leg… or nipple, depending where you carry your mechanical pencils. The retractable tip is actually quite nice, it feels solid, well made and I don’t notice any wobble when using it which is always a thumbs up in my book!

Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil tip
Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil mechanism


The Derwent Precision is as the name suggests, precise. The issue with a lot of mechanical pencils which feature a retractable tip like this one is you get ‘wobble’ (like on the Uni Kuru Toga) when you use it. In most cases it’s not noticeable and that applies here.

After a solid 2 weeks of use I am really pleased with how it has performed and would be quite happy to trust that it wouldn’t let me down. There is a nice satisfying click when you press the cap to advance the lead and have had no issues with lead sticking or the mechanism failing.

Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil test


  • Great looking
  • Premium Materials
  • Nice weight
  • Comfortable
  • Retractable tip
  • Really great price


  • No grip section on the barrel.

Final Thoughts

I must say I was shocked at how much I liked this pencil. For this to be the first mechanical pencil offered by Derwent they have done a truly outstanding job on creating such a quality version. I have no doubt that Mechanical Pencil fans will love the Derwent Precision and it proudly sits in my ‘pencil pot’.

I really hope this is not the last mechanical pencil they make and although the primary Derwent consumer is sketchers who prefer wood case pencils, they have expanded their range into the mechanical pencil fan. And still hat tipping to what Derwent is known for, which is some of the best wooden pencils for artists by making a metal body mechanical pencil almost feel and be as comfortable as its wooden counterpart.

Now when you buy the Derwent Precision the marvelous things is it comes with leads in a handy disposer and 3 spare erasers. For £6.99. Wow!

So Derwent, please make more! I love it and you’ve done such a great job with this it would be a shame to waste those talents 🙂

Have you tried this pencil yourself or shamefully like me… never heard of it. *facepalm* Let me know your thoughts either way by commenting below or getting in touch on the socials.