I only came across these Darkstar Collection pocket notebooks a while back when Stu from nerosnotes.co.uk announced on instagram that he had them in stock. They really peaked my intrigue due to their dashing good looks and simple design. Then after reading a bit of background I was even more inclined to get some when I found out they were made here in the UK, Wales to be exact.

The item I have and is featuring in this review is the ‘Black Space – Traveller Notebook’. I chose it because of the slick black and hardwearing cover.

Darkstar Collection Pocket Notebook: Specs

  • Product type: Black Space – Traveller Notebook
  • Size: Pocket – 10cm x 14cm
  • Pages: 56
  • Paper weight: 100GSM
  • Paper Layout: Dot Grid
  • Binding: 2 staples
  • Price: ยฃ8 for a pack of 3

Darkstar Collection: First Impressions

Darkstar Collection notebook

I must admit I loved this thing as soon as  opened it. It looks amazing! And I love that logo. The black cover does appear to be tough so we’ll see how it holds up after a few days of heavy use.

It seems to take pen and pencil well on its smooth white paper and although it’s dot grid, it’ interesting to see it the dots are actually small blue crosses.

I made a few marks to test the 100GSM paper and let me tell you… It is fantastic.

Darkstar Collection Pocket Notebook: Design

I’ve already said this lovely little notebook looks so good and slick, I love it. The dark black logo on the almost matte black cover is a really nice touch. It feels really nice to hold too, it is just a nice thickness which fits very comfortably in either my back or front pocket. It’s clear some good design choices have been made here.

Darkstar Collection notebook

Where it excels in terms if its design is in its simplicity. There are no unnecessary features that might distract you from what the notebook is primarily for which is to ‘Plot Your Adventures’. So you won’t find page markers or inner pockets, nor are there page numbers or tips on how to use it. It is simply a notebook, made up of a cover with 56 sheets of dot (cross) grid paper, designed for the user to use however they see fit.

It is also slightly wider than most pocket notebooks which means more words per line. Here it is lined up with a Word Pocket Notebook for comparison…

Darkstar Collection Pocket Notebook: Performance

–  Paper

I write mainly in pencil, almost exclusively in fact so how paper performs with inks is never my first thought. I do however, like to see the smoothness of a page when sliding a quality pencil across it. And it is sooo smooooth. I love it. The paper doesn’t appear to have much tooth so I know the point on my Blackwing Pearl will not wear down too quickly and with of the 100GSM it provides a great platform for me to jot down or draw what I need to.

–  The Blegho Test

Right, lets see how this paper holds up in the Blegho Test. With its 100GSM paper I’m expecting it to do well. And to my joy it has, fountain pen users will love it. It handled both pen and pencil extremely well apart form of course the Sharpie and Copic Ciao marker, maybe a little unfair to test this but I just want to really test the boundaries. It has passed the Blegho test with flying colours and has actually suprised me how good the paper really is.

– Durability

I have kept this notebook mainly in my front pocket which as you can imagine, gets a lot of movement. I sometimes put my keys in there as well as whatever pencil I’m using so it sees a fair bit of action. And as you can see, this notebook has clearly been in the wars…

You can see as well that the branding on the cover has slightly faded during its tough test which I wish wasn’t the case but apart from that I think it held up well.

– The Lay Flat Test

Does it lay flat? In a word, no. It definitely does not and I didn’t expect it too either. The purpose of this book is to be used on the go to captures thoughts or ideas. there’s not many pocket notebooks that do lay flat so if this is a must for you then I’d suggest buying index cards.


  • It’s great looking
  • Elegant and simple design
  • Extremely good paper, like seriously good
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use and hold
  • I like the extra width
  • Good price


  • I really wish the branding didn’t fade
  • I only have 3 of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Final Thoughts:

I think it’s fair to say I love these notebooks and will indeed get more, I’d like to try the different models too to see how they compare. This is a solid, simple and functional notebook which will take a beating and look good doing it.

I’d highly recommend this for fountain pen users too, I used a Lamy Joy in the Blegho Test above and it performed very well with it and actually felt superb to write in with a nib.

Extra note: Craig, the owner and maker of these fine notebooks announced that Darkstar Collection would be closing its doors for 6-12 months, this was back in January 2019 (read more…)so I’m hoping for Darkstar to come back on the scene very soon. So in the meantime they will be very hard to come by if you want to buy any online but I do have some unspoiled and may do a giveaway at some point ๐Ÿ™‚